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for an enviable coastal lifestyle.


Witheriff Group provides a bespoke real estate service for clients seeking an enviable coastal lifestyle. From beachfront family homes to coastal apartments, we’re here to help you buy or sell your dream property in northern New South Wales.

Our team brings together leading-edge, award winning real estate agents, all united by a vision to do things differently. We’re experienced in the deal and quick to react. While we work fast and react quickly, it’s always with strategy, foresight and clarity.

Our ability to push the boundaries on what can be done and how it should be done has seen us become one of the most sought-after voices in northern New South Wales real estate. But even as our footprint grows, it’s your vision that informs everything we do.

Your enviable coastal lifestyle starts with Witheriff Group.


we are

Witheriff Logo BW-02
Witheriff Logo BW-02

we are polished, innovative and proactive.

With Witheriff Group, you’ll remember everything from our first contact to the final call. We’re your professional partner until long after we’ve made your property dream a reality.

Nothing new happens from doing it the way it’s always been done. Achieving the best outcome for your situation is our motivation and it’s why we’re continuously reinventing the system.

As your property partner, you can count on Witheriff Group to go beyond the norm and redefine the standard. It’s how we achieve the best possible result for everyone involved.



Witheriff Logo BW-02

nick witheriff.


Nick Witheriff kick-started his real estate career at just 19. Throughout his journey, the appeal of setting benchmarks and exceeding sales records has always driven him to push the boundaries. And it’s an approach that’s worked.

Today, he’s sold more than a $1billion worth of commercial and residential property across the region. Known by locals as the “Beachfront Specialist”, he’s a go-to agent for anyone looking to buy or sell their own unique slice of paradise in northern New South Wales. While it’s his results that may initially attract people, it’s his focus on clients and family that keeps everyone coming back time and time again.

CONTACT: 0405 618 477


carol witheriff.


When Carol Witheriff purchased and renovated her first property at 22, she fell in love with real estate. From here, she went on to manage private investment properties and build an impressive private company portfolio, before joining the LJ Hooker Kingscliff team in 2011.

Now working with the By Witheriff team, Carol’s enthusiasm, energy and integrity has built a diverse client base across both sales and management. Her personable nature pairs perfectly with her in-depth knowledge of the region, extensive network of connections and true passion for what she does, to give her a unique edge and the ability to deliver unparalleled results for every client.

CONTACT: 0413 056 405


jordan brown.


Born and bred in Kingscliff, Jordan Brown brings a wealth of local knowledge to the table. Beyond knowing all the secret surfing spots to the best coffee shops, he also has an unmatched insight into the local real estate market.

His time spent as the LJ Hooker Kingscliff Administration Manager and Holiday Department Manager has given Jordan a keen eye for detail. Now working as a Sales Associate, this attention to detail allows him to balance the expectations of the buyer and the vendor, to ultimately deliver the best possible outcome for everyone involved. When paired with his unwavering professional integrity and passion, it’s easy to see why Jordan is a sought-after name in the real estate industry.

CONTACT: 0455 579 014


denise and brian dangerfield.


Denise and Brian Dangerfields are a powerhouse husband and wife duo. With a background in renovating, building and selling their own properties, they’ve got a unique insight that allows them to understand both sides of the real estate equation. Having bought their first property together at 18 and flipping 28 properties since, experience is something they’ve got down-pat.

From their ability to see the unique value in every asset right through to preparing a property for sale, the Dangerfields know exactly how to maximise every deal. They’re determined, patient and innovative, with a good measure of fun thrown in to match the laid back lifestyle this region has to offer.

CONTACT DENISE: 0407 962 543

CONTACT BRIAN: 0418 962 548


peta hunt.


It’s obvious when Peta Hunt has been in the room. The bold and ambitious real estate agent positively charges the air wherever she goes and it’s her distinct presence that allows buyers to see your home through the same eyes you do.

In a career that’s spanned more than 15 years in the region, she’s got an unmatched love of northern New South Wales’ natural beauty and a drive to help share the magic of her backyard with as many people as possible. Energetic, loyal and seriously determined, she’s the real estate partner you want on your team.

CONTACT: 0433 918 079


bella johnson.


When the door on your time at home is coming to a close, it’s Annabella who will work out exactly how to open the next one. Leveraging her extensive experience in marketing and exposure to the real estate game, she works behind the scenes to ensure every property is introduced to the market in a way that connects with the right people, at the right time.

In her time at Witheriff Group, she’s become known as the calming presence that always has another idea up her sleeve. And as for what seals the deal, it all comes down to one thing: details. Bella’s got an eye for exactly what sticks, what’s sitting out of place, and how to win the numbers game of marketing.

CONTACT: 0468 822 077


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